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Full Auto US date, trailer

On EG TV and Eurofiles.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA's American arm has announced that Xbox 360 racer Full Auto will be released over there on February 14th, and released a new trailer to celebrate.

Full Auto's in development at Pseudo Interactive and has a real air of Burnout about it - along with a Prince of Persia-style rewind feature for undoing the huge amounts of destruction one can wreak upon the game environments.

We've set up the trailer so that you can watch it on Eurogamer TV, our rather lovely Flash-based streaming-video service, but if you'd prefer you can also download it from Eurofiles.

Full Auto's European release date has yet to be pinned down specifically, but February seems like a reasonable bet. For more on the game, have a look at our glowing impressions from last year's E3. We'll have more hands-on with the game in the near future.

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