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Full Auto cruises into 2006

It's out in February now.

Sega has confirmed that forthcoming Xbox 360 racer Full Auto is no longer down for a 2005 release - and that the game is now due out in February.

So why the delay? Speaking to US website IGN, Sega of America PR man Bret Blount said: "We wanted to launch with the best possible game. With any new franchise, you don't have a second chance to build momentum and make an impression.

"As with most console launches, publishers will be betting on sequels from established franchises; several of which will be racing games," he went on.

"Sega is proud to bring two new properties to the Xbox 360, but the strategy by which we bring those games to market is by no means trivial."

Blount said the development team is currently hard at work on the offline mode, tweaking it to perfection and adding a bit of extra content to boot. Then he banged on about, "An unparalleled level of competitive multiplayer mayhem," adding, "If I said it was just the most destructive racing game, it would be a huge understatement." Thank goodness he didn't say it then.

Blount confirmed that Full Auto was out during the Xbox 360 "launch window", which would mean that said window now extends to three months after actual console launch. But who cares, said Blount: "Regardless of specific launch timing, the unique blend of particle physics, massive destruction, and competitive multiplayer features set Full Auto apart from other Xbox 360 games in the genre.

"On each level of this game, there are 10,000 individual elements, each offering a specific particle physics, awaiting to react to munitions and cars exploding from all angles."

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