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Full Auto X360 demo due soon

Fast-forward to rewind.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A demo of Pseudo Interactive's Full Auto should be released on Xbox Live Marketplace on January 25th, according to SEGA.

What's more, American pre-orders for the game, due out on Feb 14th over there, will get a free Full Auto faceplate for their Xbox 360s.

Forgotten what Full Auto is? Think Burnout with guns and rewind (called "unwreck"), done up to take advantage of the Xbox 360's capacity to make lots of stuff break and explode all at once. Now stop thinking the Burnout bit, because it turns out it's a bit of a facile analogy.

More on that in the next few days though, when our impressions of the game should EXPLODE onto the website for onomatopoeic justice.

Full Auto should be out in Europe in the second half of February, we reckon. If SEGA says different, we'll, er, unreckon. Teehee.

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