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Next-gen Dirty Harry confirmed

The question you have to ask yourself is, how long will it be before we're writing about a Casablanca licence?

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed reports in the Hollywood press that Dirty Harry is to become a videogame, and surprised a few people by revealing that it will be a next-generation console project developed with star Clint Eastwood's blessing and likeness.

The 1971 film, which follows the exploits of Eastwood's "Dirty" Harry Callahan, a San Franciscan cop who always gets results (tagline: "You don't assign him to murder cases, You just turn him loose."), is a defining piece of cinema and home of course to one of the most quoted pieces of dialogue ever written - the infamous "Do I feel lucky?" speech.

WBIE has yet to name a developer for its Dirty Harry game - or games - but has indicated that Eastwood will lend his likeness and even take a hand in production through his company Malpaso Productions.

"This will be an opportunity to satisfy the many requests over the years to continue the Dirty Harry legacy, only now in the video game medium," the actor/director commented. "Creating Dirty Harry video games will also introduce this memorable film character to new generations on a medium they appreciate."

There's no firm timeline on the release of Dirty Harry, but of the next-generation platforms Xbox 2 is expected to hit first towards the end of 2005 with PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Revolution following in 2006.