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Revised Savage demo launched

Includes newer units and other stuff from the latest version.

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With Savage: The Battle for Newerth due out on Friday, European publisher Digital Jesters has announced the launch of a brand new demo of the game which takes advantage of the updated 2.00d code base, meaning all the additional units and structures that weren't in the previous US-only release and indeed the original demo are now available to try before you buy. (And you probably should buy, as we've gone to great lengths to try and emphasise.)

If you like the demo and can't wait until tomorrow (or refuse to brave the cold) you can of course turn to the buy-a-key-and-download-it US release - something Digital Jesters is aiming to launch here in Europe soon. Anyway, the 234MB demo is available from 3D Gamers for BitTorrent fans and also from Jolt, hosts of the official UK servers.

Oh, and if you're still undecided about Savage after the demo release, you might want to keep an eye open for a competition we'll be running soon to give away a few copies. Otherwise it's out on Friday in a rather impressive bumper edition featuring a free player's guide (dead handy given the lack of an in-game tutorial) and an official feudal Japan-themed Samurai Wars mod, which we were pleased to hear will also be released for 'owt via the good ol' interweb. We'll be having some of that!

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