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God of War dev speaks out

About his new PSP game.

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Sony's David Jaffe, game director and lead designer on excellent PS2 title God of War, has revealed that his forthcoming PSP game is going to be less about what he personally wants to see and more about reaching a larger audience.

"While I will ALWAYS strive to put passion and personal vision (along with team vision) in the games I work on, I am - at least at this point - at a place where reaching a big audience while sacrificing 5 per cent or so of what I want to see is worth it," Jaffe wrote.

"To that end, Scott and I agreed to change the setting of our PSP game from a location that we LOVE LOVE LOVE to a location that we simply LOVE LOVE.

"In doing so, I think we will get more people playing the game. At this point in my life, that would mean alot to me," he continued.

But that doesn't mean Jaffe isn't going to pour all his efforts into the game, he explained, adding: "I just think that I am learning what to focus on and what to let go of. There was SO MUCH in God of War that DID make God of War a better game... So much stuff that we all stressed over like mad... But many of these stress issues only made the game better in the sense of 1-2 per cent better versus 5-10 per cent better.

"And you get to a point where you have to ask yourself, is all the stress and strife and effort worth it for just 1 per cent more? To me, these days, the answer is no," wrote Jaffe.

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