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Boll options Hunter, Fear Effect

More game-to-film adaptations from the German producer/director.

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German film producer/director Uwe Boll has optioned another pair of videogames to add to his burgeoning library of game-to-film adaptations. Through his company Boll has already optioned the likes of BloodRayne recently, while his Alone in the Dark project is thought to be in post-production.

The games he's after this time are Eidos' Fear Effect and White Wolf's pen-and-paper RPG Hunter: The Reckoning, which is also the subject of a hackandslash title published by Vivendi-Universal Games. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boll has said the films will enjoy budgets ranging from $15-25 million, with Hunter expected to shoot this summer in downtown Vancouver. Boll called it a "hard, brutal, fast-paced ensemble film in the tradition of X-Men".

However it'll be interesting to see how the two projects turn out. While Boll has certainly made a name for himself buying up movie options, including an episode recently when he picked up Dungeon Siege and expounded the property's potential for "major crossover potential because of its unique blend of action and fantasy, on the order of Lord of the Rings", he has yet to deliver a particularly laudable adaptation. His House of the Dead film has opened to terrible reviews, and actually made it into IMDB's Bottom 100.

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