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CoD2 anti-cheat patch due soon

With multiplayer maps to boot.

Activision and Infinity Ward have reconfirmed their intention to patch PC FPS Call of Duty 2 with anti-cheat PunkBuster software and other "support enhancements", announcing that the update will be made available in "early 2006".

The patch will also include new multiplayer maps.

"Our team at Infinity Ward is committed to supporting Call of Duty fans," said IW president Grant Collier, who added, "[we] look forward to delivering new content such as multiplayer maps, tools and anti-cheat software that will further enhance the gameplay experience."

Despite strong reviews - and fantastic sales on Xbox 360, for which the game was one of the most critically acclaimed launch titles - Call of Duty 2's PC multiplayer component has come in for some strong criticism from fans, who even threatened to strike if some sort of action wasn't taken.

Activision reacted to those fans by promising to address their concerns. "After 2 years of non-stop work on Call of Duty 2, Infinity Ward has just returned from a much-deserved break. The team is aware of some concerns about multiplayer cheating in the game and is looking into an anti-cheat solution," the publisher said in a statement ten days ago.

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