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Kingdom Hearts II dated

Certainly is. Oh wait.

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Kingdom Hearts II is due for release in the autumn, Square-Enix has announced, although that's as specific as they're getting. Still, Kingdom Hearts II, eh? You like Kingdom Hearts! I've seen you. With your Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts II is already out in the USA where it's picked up very health review scores - a shade better than the ones earned by its 2002 predecessor, in fact, although there was a bit of resentment from avid fans who felt that an abundance of pre-release trailers spoilt some of the game's surprises.

Anyway, like Kingdom Hearts the sequel takes you on a trip through various realms based on famous Disney properties, including Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mulan, Pirates of the Caribbean and even Tron, but it's nowhere near as daft as it sounds, with Square-Enix's narrative magicians working overtime to justify things in entertaining fashion - with a plot that also involves huge numbers of Final Fantasy characters in new, Disney-fied design.

Ramble ramble ramble which are all good reasons to keep it in mind this autumn. As is this review. And perhaps even these new screenshots.

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