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More Kingdom Hearts in 2007

Nomura confirms 'multiple projects'

Tetsuya Nomura has told Famitsu magazine that gamers should expect announcements on multiple Kingdom Hearts-related products in 2007.

Square Enix hinted at as much at the Jump Festa annual event earlier this month, and now Nomura has ended speculation, promising "big movements in the Kingdom Hearts series".

Of course, the Disney-meets-JRPG franchise is wildly popular, and a guess at a next-generation title doesn't need 'Mystic Meg'-like prediction powers. The only speculation here is whether it will be PlayStation exclusive, just as the previous two console titles were.

Also interesting is whether one of the "multiple products" might include a hand-held option. With Square Enix recently announcing Dragon Quest IX for the DS, and Kingdom Hearts already having appeared on the GBA once, it's hard not to draw parallels.

Here's hoping we're right and it doesn't turn out to be a rubbish film.

Meanwhile you can have an eyeball of what we thought when we reviewed Kingdom Hearts II. It's out now in Europe.