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John Romero's new studio

He's doing a new game too.

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Just over two months since leaving Midway's San Diego studio, Doom co-creator John Romero has co-founded his own company and begun work on a new game.

In a post on his website's forum, Romero wrote: "For the record, I'm co-founder of a new game company in the bay area now and am much better off in many ways than I was at Midway. Much happier now.

"When news of my new game somehow gets out, I think everyone will be a bit shocked," he added.

Romero also took the opportunity to hit back at critics of Daikatana, the much-hyped first person shooter he worked on for Ion Storm that eventually flopped after countless delays.

"Daikatana took three years from concept to store shelves," Romero wrote.

"This is hardly a long dev cycle. Doom 3 took five years, Half Life 2 took seven, Duke Forever is on year nine."

Still, that's all in the past: "Hey, Daikatana's old, old news now. Like, over five years ago," continued Romero.

"And the fact that everyone remembers that particular game instead of the dozens of other games I've made just shows how negatively slanted the media is - negativity sells."

Not bitter then?

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