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Battlefield 2: EA and Eurogamer Vs The World server details

Dancing now complete.

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UPDATE 22/07: This event is now over. Thanks to everyone who joined in!

Those of you looking forward to this evening's Battlefield 2 event will be pleased to hear that we still plan to run it despite today's peculiar and as-yet unexplained events in the centre of London. Tony Blair says we should get on with our business, after all. So here are the details.

This evening Electronic Arts' finest Battlefield 2 players will be uniting with our own weak, feeble and untrained staff to take on all comers on a server called " :: EA EG Vs The World". You can filter by that name using the in-game server browser, or address it directly at the IP address, port 16668.

The password to join the server is: fight

EA and EG will be playing as the Middle East Coalition and Chinese forces, while the rest of you Eurogamers will be cradling American weapons for the purposes of the event, somewhat confusingly.

The server will be unranked for the match, but unlocked weapons can still be used, and we'll be playing across a selection of maps. Unfortunately, due to the large number of people interested, we'll have to boot off opposition players whenever the map changes to make way for fresh contenders.

Oh and, presumably for the sake of our dignity, the Battlerecorder facility will be disabled for the duration of the evening's excitement. We will however be collecting your accounts of the match for publication after the event.

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