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Wacky students hack MIT

And turn it into a Mario level.

You might think students at the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology would be too busy inventing The Future to think up kerazee pranks to entertain themselves - but you'd be wrong.

Just last week, students arrived at "school", as they say over there, to discover that MIT's hallowed halls had been turned into a Super Mario Bros. level. Sort of.

You can take a look at some pics over on the blog of one student who was witness to the event. As you'll see, the halls were decked with all manner of character icons, pipes, clouds and gold coins and even a high scores table, while the Mario theme tune played along in the background. They even managed to stick a triangular flag on the top of the building.

It all looks like an awful lot of effort to us, since when we were students placing a traffic cone on one's head was considered the height of wackiness, but times have clearly moved on. So well done, MIT Mario fans - you really are nutty. [NOW GO MAKE ME A FLYING CAR! - Ed]

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