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Take-Two signs Tokobot

Tecmo's PSP title out in March.

Take-Two continues to hump Tecmo's leg with the announcement that it'll release PSP title Tokobot in March.

The game known as Karakuri in Japan involves manipulating your little robot followers to do your bidding - forming bridges, swings, ladders, swords, etc. - as you meander through a platformy sort of game environment.

As you play, the number of Tokobots at your disposal increases, and once you're done with the Story mode you'll be able to tackle a Time Attack mode.

As to whether it's any good - we quite liked the look of it during the Tokyo Game Show, and reviews have been quite favourable in the USA.

'Course, you can make your own mind up about how it looks, as we've got a few screenshots to go with the announcement.