Small robots you know.

If only real life science would catch up with sci-fi and invent domestic robots that aren't fundamentally a bit rubbish. Years of research, and what have we got to show for it? Sony's silly robot dog, and that Honda robot which can walk up stairs - as if that's going to get the washing up done and your tax return filled out. It's pretty obvious who'd win in a fight out of those two versus K-9 and Robocop. Or even C-3PO, for that matter.

But while we're waiting, here comes Tokobot - a new puzzling platformer for the PSP which lets you pretend you have a whole troop of clever little robots at your command. According to the game's introductory sequence, they were invented in prehistoric times by an ancient civilisation which mysteriously disappeared. Now some old buffer has discovered them, renamed them tokobots, and set up a lab from which to study the ancient ruins.

Which is where you come in. Playing as a young lad called Bolt, it's your job to go off exploring the surrounding area and raiding a load of tombs. To start off with, you're aided by just six bots, but you acquire more as the game progresses. They come in very handy, since Bolt is a bit weedy - he can't kill enemies on his own, or even double jump to reach high areas.

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Take-Two signs Tokobot

Tecmo's PSP title out in March.

Take-Two continues to hump Tecmo's leg with the announcement that it'll release PSP title Tokobot in March.