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Radiata Stories gets US release

Squenix undecided on Europe.

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Square Enix has announced that PS2 RPG Radiata Stories will launch in the US on September 6th, but the publisher still can't make its mind up on a European release.

"We have no plans to release the game in Europe at the moment," a representative told Eurogamer.

However, she added, "It's being considered."

Radiata Stories is being developed by tri-Ace Inc., the people who brought us Valkyrie Profile and the Star Ocean series, and promises to "take gamers on a non-linear adventure through a fully interactive world."

"Gamers will be drawn into the game for both the beautiful, interactive environment as well as the melancholic story," said Squenix president Ichiro Otobe.

"I think gamers will really enjoy the great balance to the serious story that is brought on by the humour that is sprinkled throughout the game."

It all takes place in the kingdom of Radiata, a mystical world where humans and fairies are at war. You get to choose which side to fight for, which in turn decides which of the game's 175 characters join you on your quest. We're promised simple, intuitive controls and the ability to plan real-time battles strategically by adjusting your party's formation.

There are plenty of different costumes, weapons and objects to collect, and you can expect cameo appearances from items seen in previous tri-Ace titles. And, rather intriguingly, you can "Kick chairs, trees, rocks, monsters, townsfolk, chickens etc. to earn items or engage in battle." The first RPG to make kicking chickens an integral part of the gameplay? Could be interesting...

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