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Atari announces military shooter

Enemy in Sight prepares to declare war on your PC.

Czech developer Illusion Softworks is currently hard at work on Enemy in Sight, a PC shooter to be published by Atari.

The game takes place in an imaginary near-future where the cold war has kicked off again, leaving Europe in turmoil. As a private in the US army, you're drafted in to teach those pesky Russkies a lesson once and for all in a battle that will take you from the snow-covered hills of Baden-Baden and the treacherous mountains of Slovakia to the, er, picturesque seaside town of Plymouth. And naturally, you'll get lots of different vehicles to drive and weapons to play with along the way.

Speaking to US website GameSpot, Atari executive producer Peter Wyse described the game's single-player mode as "very objective oriented".

"You'll be defending or attacking key targets, engaging enemies, establishing new frontlines and collecting intelligence, to name a few of the scenarios," he said.

"But the multiplayer and quick-play modes support a number of different scenarios and allow you to tailor your gameplay experience to your own flavour and speed."

So, Wyse went on to explain, if all you're in the mood for is driving a big fat tank through a load of buildings (sometimes it's just been that kind of day), the option will be there.

Atari are promising extremely realistic terrain thanks to the use of fancy digital models and aerial photography, and the environments are set to be pretty sizeable too: "The basic size of each location is over 100 square km, but we do not want to create any countryside boundary," said Wyse. "So the whole model of terrain will be flipped over and mirrored into all sides, which will make the resulting size of the countryside larger than 900 square km!" We're not sure we quite follow, frankly, but it sounds quite exciting anyway.

A European release has yet to be confirmed, but we'll bring you more details as we get them.