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Sony clarifies PS3 specs

20GB will be upgradeable.

Our old friend Internet Reports is looking like a right chump today after Sony told Eurogamer that rumours regarding the 20GB PS3 are "completely false."

The rumours in question concerned the new wireless Dual Shocks, which Internet Reports said would not work with the 20GB version. There was also talk that the 20GB hard drive would not be upgradeable.

But, speaking to Eurogamer today, a Sony spokesperson dismissed the reports, stating: "Both queries to my knowledge are completely false."

"Both configurations will support Bluetooth PS3 controllers. The only non-upgradeable feature of the 20GB configuration will be the HDMI output."

This confirms comments made by Sony's Phil Harrison in a recent interview with us, where he stated: "You can upgrade to whatever size of drive you like. You can put in any drive that you like - it is a computer, after all."

According to the spokesperson, Sony plans to release a Wi-Fi adaptor for the 20GB PS3. They're also planning on a separate adaptor that will let you use memory sticks, SD cards and compact flash cards with the machine.

Course, there's still no word on whether the 20GB PS3 will make it to the UK at all - we'll just have to wait for confirmation on that one.