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Grandia III confirmed for USA

Not long to wait.

Square-Enix has confirmed reports that PS2 RPG Grandia III will be released in the USA. Fans of the series that also once called the Dreamcast its home can expect to track it down through importers next February.

"In all of our games, we want the player to be left with an overwhelmingly positive feeling that they can achieve anything they desire in life," said the game's director Hidenobu Takahashi, a man who's clearly never tried to escape a random battle. "In Grandia III while there is strong conflict in everyone's lives, those who are strong will overcome it."

Game Arts producer Katsunori Saito said we should all watch out for the battle system. "We're really proud of what we were able to achieve utilising the command wheel; the battle system can be very complex but is very easy to learn," he commented.

Sadly, those of you aching to play the new Grandia may have to make do with an imported version, however, as Square-Enix has yet to announce a European release, and told us it had "no plans to bring Grandia III to Europe," when we spoke roughly a month ago.