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FootMan 360/PSP dated

360 ver supports camera, too.

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Sports Interactive and SEGA have announced that the Xbox 360 and PSP versions of Football Manager 2007 are finished and due out on 1st December.

Plus there's some news on features exclusive to the 360 version. For a start, you'll be able to use the recently released Xbox Live Vision camera to stick your face in the game.

You'll also find a new Fantasy Draft mode, where eight players compete in a round robin, picking players from the game's huge database to build their fantasy squad, and then engage in cup competition or leagues via Xbox Live.

SI MD Miles Jacobson says the team's been listening to feedback on previous console versions - "particularly regarding the control system on the Xbox 360" and is "confident of providing the best console and handheld management experiences to date".

"With loads of new features on each game and great improvements throughout, we want to prove to people that we are not just a PC developer anymore and can entertain on all platforms," Jacobson added.

And of course, for the 360 version there are the requisite Achievements to gather - with the game offering up 50 in all - although if the last release is anything to go by it'll take quite a while to accumulate the lot. Still, management's not easy, is it? Just look at Steve McClaren.

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