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Football Manager demo plan

Two versions, next weekend.

Sports Interactive plans to release a demo of Football Manager 2007 next Sunday, 1st October, for PC, Mac and Intel Mac.

The news was picked up by our dull and Internet-bound-on-a-Saturday-night eyes via a forum post, in which the developer also elaborates on the demo's contents:

"The vanilla version will include the English and Scottish quickstarts, and English language only, with limited assets (logos and player pictures etc).

"This will be available from the News Of The World's website in conjunction with, to try and maximise the bandwidth available. The link to this will, of course, be on when it's released at midnight.

"The strawberry version will include extra quickstarts, and extra languages (to be confirmed), with more assets. This will be available initially as a torrent only, also at midnight, from"

The reason for the News of the World thing, apart from Miles Jacobson's desire to burn in the flames of hell, is to ensure maximum exposure.

Naturally we'll remind you about it once it's up. In the meantime, head over to the Sports Interactive forums for more information and lively debate. For example, about how Liverpool crushed Spurs today.

Crushed them.

Football Manager 2007 will be available in "as many territories as possible" on 20th October.