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FootMan 2007 demo

In manageable sizes.

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Sports Interactive's latest, Football Manager 2007, is now available to try out in demo form on both PC and Mac, giving you the chance to break in this year's tracksuit. (I can't do that joke in both items?)

As promised, there are "vanilla" and "strawberry" versions of the demo for both formats, allowing you to download relatively little if bandwidth's at a premium, and relatively a lot if it's not.

The difference, in each case, is that the vanilla version consists of just the English league and language files, while the bigger strawberry groans under the weight of playable Brazilian, Danish, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Scottish, Spanish and Swedish leagues, with accompanying languages for most, along with all the relevant player photos and graphics shorn from the vanilla run.

In terms of file-sizes, the vanilla PC is 80MB and Mac 66.45MB, while the strawberries are 260.43MB for PC and 248.67MB for Mac.

Naturally there's a big old list of mirrors over on SI's website, and there's no need for me to shoehorn Peter Crouch's acrobatic excellence into a sentence about new features because you can just read our handy first-impressions instead.

Football Manager 2007, published by SEGA, is due out on 20th October for PC and Mac, with PSP and Xbox 360 versions to follow before Christmas.

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