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New maps for Half-Life 2

Britain fails to even come third in something YET AGAIN.

Valve has released three new deathmatch maps for Half-Life 2, available via Steam.

They were created by the winning entrants in a design competition which ran from December to January. Entries were judged on "superior playability, fun factor and artistic merit."

American Scott Jordan came first with his map, 'Underpass', and was awarded $5,000 for his troubles.

Jonathan Linker and Michael Schulz, both from Germany, were runner-ups with 'Resistance' and 'Powerhouse' and received $3,000 each.

"We were blown away by the quality of the levels that were entered and we think the community will be as well," Valve said recently.

The release also includes a Counter-Strike: Source update which stops incorrect player names being displayed on the scoreboard.