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What connects Football Manager and sheep?

This TV ad. Fancy a chuckle?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As the description bit we just wrote for Eurofiles states: We don't normally post television ads up here, but this one is particularly amusing, and football related, and when you throw those two things together it's difficult for us to resist...

Yes, it's an ad for Football Manager 2005 from Sports Interactive, the London-based developer who brought you the Championship Manager series up until last year, and it features sheep and footy wit. We feel sure you'll appreciate it on a cold, sodden Wednesday afternoon in the middle of October almost as much as we did.

So, without further rambling, you can grab the miniscule 1MB QuickTime format vid from Eurofiles here. And we probably ought to point out that the game itself is now due out from publisher SEGA Europe on November 5th.

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