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Midway says the 'hood' is dead

And not just dead boring.

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Midway's chief marketing officer Steve Allison has shed a bit more light on the publisher's decision to can Fear & Respect.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Allison said Midway "killed" Fear & Respect "because we have enough data-points to know the hood thing is basically dead."

Billed as an "innovative action adventure game" and developed in collaboration with John Singleton and Snoop Dogg, who was set to lend his voice and likeness, Fear & Respect was Midway's answer to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and various other "gang" games.

But there was no point, says Allison. "It would be dead before it came out. And you don't want to come out on a dead vibe."

At the time the game was cancelled, Midway CEO David Zucker said the firm was continuing to work with Snoop Dogg and John Singleton to do a game, but that it obviously wouldn't be Fear & Respect any more.

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