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Saint's Row gets US date

End of August.

Volition's a-bit-like-Grand-Theft-Auto gang warfare game Saint's Row has been given a US release date of August 29th.

Publisher THQ hasn't got back to us about a UK date yet - its press site says "spring" - but we'd expect something a bit beyond the end of August if Saint's Row plays to type.

In the meantime, apparently we can expect a demo to appear on Xbox Live Marketplace fairly soon.

As you probably know, Saint's Row is an Xbox 360-exclusive game based on similar principles to Rockstar's well-flogged GTA series, with what Volition reckons is unparalleled AI and a Respect system to govern your gangbanging (US context, obviously).

There's also a bit more of an element of choice to it, Volition reckons, where you could just go into a shop and buy something, but you could always opt to steal it instead.

You can read more about it by checking out our preview, and we expect to bring you some more detailed impressions between now and the game's release.