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Signs point to Saints Row 2

THQ's Grand Theft Also pops up in strange place.

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THQ has told Eurogamer that a sequel for Saints Row is yet to be confirmed or announced.

It was speaking in the aftermath of a press release from one of the publisher's advertising partners, which seemingly pointed to the existence of a follow-up game.

The press release explained that a new advertising agreement covered various games including titles "based on the Juiced, MX vs ATV, Stuntman and Saints Row franchises".

While a new game or expansion to the gang-banging GTA rival wouldn't be outrageously surprising, this would be the first we've heard about it.

Saints Row launched last year on Xbox 360 to a surprising round of applause. It's a difficult game to talk about without mentioning Grand Theft Auto, as you create a character who will eventually control the hood and be donned the ultimate crime lord - doing all the things you would expect in a gang infested world. Still, it turned out to be pretty good and is due to appear on PlayStation 3 in July.

You can find our Saints Row review elsewhere on the site.

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