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Saints Row on PS3

Boat when's it out?

Gangster-banger Saints Row will be appearing on PS3 in spring, according to THQ, which is "boat-sing" that it's the first open-world game on the console. Apart from Oblivion. And Godfather.

THQ were unable to comment this afternoon on whether it will be a launch title (ooh, and Tony Hawk's), or when exactly we could expect it.

"Saints Row has established itself as one of the most successful original properties in next generation gaming," said Kelly Flock, THQ's executive VP of worldwide publishing in a press release. "Bringing the open-world genre to the PlayStation 3 system for the first time will help grow the Saints Row fan base and expand the open-world online community."

If you've got no idea what I'm splashing on about, Saints Row is a sandbox game released last year for the 360 in which you build up your character's reputation and status in the world of crime.

It isn't quite a GTA IV exclusivity-stealing move by Sony, but it's interesting to see it happening that way around. Is Sony showing a flutter in its confident smile?

Drive-by our review of the game for more information. Oar don't.