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New Suikoden game planned

Spin-off strategy RPG for PS2.

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Konami is currently hard at work on a new PS2 spin-off from the Suikoden series, according to Japanese magazine Shonen Jump.

Entitled Rapsodia, the game follows the adventures of three young chums called Kyrill, Andark and Seneca who find themselves on a mission to stop something called a 'Rune Cannon' laying waste to the entire world. It's set in the world of Suikoden IV and you can expect to meet some old friends along the way, including lady pirate Kika.

Unlike previous titles in the series it's a strategy role-playing effort, and as you might expect you can earn new weapons, learn new spells and add new members to your party as the adventure progresses.

You can also use experience points earned through combat to level up your characters, and get them to work together on the battlefield for maximum impact.

Rapsodia is due out in Japan this autumn. Konami was unavailable to comment on whether or not we can expect a European release - more news as we get it...

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