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More LMA '06 details

New transfer system.

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Codemasters has revealed more details of LMA Manager 2006 for PS2 and Xbox, along with some new screenshots which you can find here.

The latest instalment in the series will feature an updated Player Transfer system for "greater depth and more realism than ever before," don't you know.

There are new player search and scouting options to help you spot talent, and special dealmakers to help get you meetings with star strikers. Other new features include staggered payments, player swap deals, sell-on fees, transfers in advance and appearance bonuses.

The in-game AI has also had an overhaul, so each manager you deal with will respond to your negotiating tactics differently. Rival clubs' boards will make individual assessments of what their players are worth, taking potential into account as well as past performance and any injuries or bans.

But even if you get the club on side, there's still the players and their agents to deal with. You can offer your chosen golden boy all the cash, bonuses and perks you can reasonably afford, but he'll still consider your club's reputation, play style and chances of future success before he signs on the dotted line.

Course, it'll help if he's already got a few mates at your club and/or if he's unhappy with his current employers, so it's worth keeping up to date with the headlines in the new Football One media section.

All this and more - including an improved player training system, a new interface and stats screens and online content sharing - will be yours for the buying when LMA Manager 2006 marches onto the pitch this October.

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