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Burnout for DS confirmed

By Deep Throat-type.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, an EA insider has confirmed that the handheld version of crash-and-bash racer Burnout will indeed get an outing on Nintendo DS.

The PSP version was announced some time ago, but it's only recently that rumours of a DS game emerged after scans of what's alleged to be an EA games catalogue appeared on the net.

It's still not clear if the scans are genuine, but the insider told us: "Yes, Burnout Legends is heading to the DS."

Unlike the PSP version, however, it's not being developed by EA's Chertsey-based team but "a third-party studio in France, supervised by Criterion".

And that's all there is to know, for the time being. But until EA makes some kind of official announcement, you might like to pass the time - or a bit of it, anyway - by reading more about Burnout Legends PSP here, and looking at some screenshots here.

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