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New Burnout PSP info

Wireless multiplayer, new game modes, classic tracks and plenty of carnage.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Criterion's popular crash-and-bash racer will be screeching onto PSP this autumn under the title Burnout Legends, according to a report in Official PlayStation Magazine.

The article describes it as a kind of Burnout greatest hits, featuring everyone's favourite tracks from the previous games - such has Harbour Town from B1, Big Surf Shore and Palm Bay Heights from B2 and Downtown from B3.

New game modes will include Legends FaceOff and Legends Grand Prix, plus something called Pursuit Rage - said to be a mix of Burnout 2's Pursuit and Road Rage modes.

There will also be a regular Road Rage mode, along with Crash, Race, Burning Lap, Eliminator and Preview. And you'll be able to race against opponents via the PSP's Wi-Fi function, but there's no word yet as to how many players can take part.

A release date has yet to be locked down, but since September counts as "autumn" could we see Burnout Legends as a PSP launch title? Here's hoping...

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