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Majesco's line-up

Next-gen and lots of PSP/DS.

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Increasingly bold and interesting US publisher Majesco has unveiled its E3 line-up, headlined by next-gen games from Terminal Reality/Clive Barker and Swedish dynamos Starbreeze and backed up by plenty of interesting current-gen and handheld content.

As well as the recently unveiled Taxi Driver game, we can expect to see Appaloosa's Jaws title, Jaws Unleashed, along with Aeon Flux (whose creator Peter Chung should be around the stand at some point), Advent Rising, the PS2 version of quirkily brilliant platform game Psychonauts, and a host of handheld titles.

PSP and DS-wise, zombie-killer Infected will be there on PSP along with Advent Shadow, while DS-exclusives Bust-A-Move DS and Nanostray - the latter from the team behind GBA shooter Iridion - should be in attendance too.

Games due out on both platforms or of currently-unknown allegiance include Black & White Creatures (definitely for both), ATV Quad Frenzy and a pair of Guilty Gear titles, subtitled Judgement and Dust Strikers respectively.

Elsewhere on the stand, Majesco will have regular Jaws Unleashed "feeding times", zombie make-overs, a few new GBA Video carts from various cartoon channels, and, curiously, "exciting new wireless networking and communication technologies for the Sony PSP handheld system and Nintendo DS".

Oh, and Clive Barker should be swinging by.

Highlights from Majesco's line-up:

  • Demonik (next-gen)
  • The Darkness (next-gen)
  • Aeon Flux (TBC)
  • Advent Rising (PC, Xbox)
  • Advent Shadow (PSP)
  • ATV Quad Frenzy (PSP and/or DS)
  • Black & White Creatures (PSP, DS)
  • Bust-A-Move DS (DS)
  • Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (PSP and/or DS)
  • Guilty Gear Judgement (PSP and/or DS)
  • Infected (PSP)
  • Jaws Unleashed (PS2, Xbox)
  • Nanostray (DS)
  • Psychonauts (PS2)
  • Taxi Driver (TBC)

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