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XDK hints at 360 dash changes

New Live Arcade menus, etc.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Those of you who get a bit 'moist' about changes to the Xbox 360 interface will be interested to hear about some of the changes coming up in the next dashboard update, due out sometime this autumn.

The last one added in things like proper download management, and while full details of the autumn 2006 update aren't yet available, the release of the latest Xbox Development Kit has reportedly thrown up a few examples of how the front-end will be changing.

So says, which has screenshots that show a new "Launchpad" entry for firing up games and demos created using XNA Game Studio Express, along with alterations to the Xbox Live Arcade, Marketplace and memory management interfaces.

Basically, it makes things a bit easier to navigate. Those of you with lots of Live Arcade titles, for example, will be able to expand genre groups to pick from a range of recognisable icons for the game you've downloaded.

There's no official word on the reports' veracity at the moment, nor what else we can expect from the autumn update or even when it's due, but the last one came out on June 6th, so there's probably a little way to go yet.

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