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What's Romero up to then?

He's hiring MMO staff.

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Wondering what John Romero's up to these days? As you'll know if you follow his blog, he's been busying himself with a new massively-multiplayer online game - and now he's staffing it up.

Say hello to Slipgate Ironworks, "John Romero's newly founded and funded MMO game company in the Bay Area," developing "a Super Secret Mystery Project that will be revealed to only the most qualified candidates!"

"My executive cabal and I are very excited to build an amazing development team and create something truly unique," says someone, presumably Romero, on the company's website.

"Our offices are located near Redwood City, California. Apply now and prepare to enter the reality distortion field!" The site has ads for a senior 3D artist, a mid-level tools programmer, a concept artist and a senior game designer.

The site doesn't offer many clues to the game's nature (although it does reveal that it will include weapons. And animation. And light!), but we do know from Romero's public comments that it will be ready "when it's done" and isn't down for a 2007 release as some reports have speculated.

More on Super Secret Mystery Project when Scooby and the gang crack the case!

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