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Killer 7 dev's Wii title

Goichi's working on Heroes.

Suda Goichi, designer of Capcom's Killer 7 title on the GameCube, has announced that his team is working on a new original title for Wii that missed an appearance on the E3 show floor at the last minute, for reasons unknown.

The game is called Heroes and due to its non-appearance at the show, little else is known about it at this stage - other than the fact that it's currently in development in collaboration with Spike and Marvelous Entertainment of Harvest Moon fame.

Goichi also announced that Akira Ueda, lead designer of DS title Contact, is leaving to form his own studio known as Audio Inc, and will be working on Contact 2 for an as yet undisclosed Nintendo platform - which means we could well be seeing the new game appearing on Wii in the not to distant future.