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UK iTunes could see FF music

Says Squenix as Final Fantasy hits US iTunes.

Square-Enix's European office said today that it is in discussions over bringing Final Fantasy soundtracks to the UK iTunes Music Store following their unveiling on the American version of the premium music download service in the USA.

"Fingers crossed. We are in discussions with them at the moment and we hope to make an announcement shortly," a spokesperson told Eurogamer when asked about the possibility of the 16 Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy-related albums making it out in the UK.

That line-up of albums, which includes Final Fantasy I through to XI along with composer Nobuo Uematsu's live show Music From Dear Friends and two of his Black Mages albums, is available to US fans on a dedicated iTunes webpage.

Currently only the soundtrack to the Final Fantasy film The Spirits Within is available for UK consumers to purchase. However, judging by Square-Enix's comments, it shouldn't be too long before the American situation is reflected here.

Uematsu-san, for his part, said he was "thrilled" to release the music "to all the supportive American fans who have enjoyed our music over the years." It's okay though, Eurogamers, because when we interviewed him the other month he said he loved you all too.

And he looked at stuff on your humble correspondent's iPod, which was, needless to say, somewhat cool. Then we hugged and went out for dancing [you've been lying all day and this is just taking it too far -Ed].