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Tycoon City: New York demo

Through Eurofiles.

As you've probably spotted elsewhere, we've been having a go at Tycoon City: New York, the latest management game from UK-based Deep Red, published by Atari, and now we've got a single-player demo for you to try out too. It's available through Eurofiles today.

The demo starts you out on the very first level and gives you 25 minutes to peck your way through the built-in tutorial and sample the gameplay. Since you'll probably run out of time about ten minutes after you've got the hang of it though, you can go back to the menu and start again however many times you want - and skip the tutorial the second time around.

The full game lets you shape your own vision of New York, paying attention to citizens' needs and getting in there first before the likes of Starbucks and Macey's run the whole thing for you. It's due out on 24th February, and we should have a review nearer to release.