Tycoon City: New York

Tycoon City: New York

Tycoon City: New York

I want to make a part of it!

New York, New York, so good I'll build it twice. In the two game modes, natch.

(They're Sandbox and Build New York, surprisingly-early-incursion-of-facts-into-a-review fans.)

Developer Deep Red has quite a history in this manner of management games, arguably reaching an apex in the economic fisticuffs of the underappreciated Monopoly Tycoon. Tycoon City, on the surface, seems to be a long-awaited return to the terrain in a spiritual-sequel manner. Sadly, the excitement is misplaced. It's a good game, and shares certain elements with Monopoly Tycoon, but in terms of play provides a hugely different experience.

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Tycoon City: New York demo

Through Eurofiles.

As you've probably spotted elsewhere, we've been having a go at Tycoon City: New York, the latest management game from UK-based Deep Red, published by Atari, and now we've got a single-player demo for you to try out too. It's available through Eurofiles today.

Tycoon City: New York

More glamorous (with less plush fittings) than Carpet City: York.

Why does no one ever talk about developer Deep Red's previous city-management game, Monopoly Tycoon? Because - y'know - it was brilliant. Were I Deep Red, I'd be terribly ticked off.