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DICE working on two next-gen games

The Battlefield developer is already busying itself on titles for PS3 and Xbox 2. Both will be published by EA.

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Digital Illusions' Swedish studio is working on two next-generation console titles, the developer revealed in a financial statement released today, and both games will be published by Electronic Arts.

Details on both are scant to nil, but the developer also known as DICE did specify platforms and release date targets. The first game will be released on the successors to PlayStation 2 and Xbox in late 2006 or early 2007 as part of a deal signed in November - and the firm's Canadian studio will be developing versions of the same game for current-generation formats in the same timeframe.

Meanwhile, the developer has also shifted development of an untitled action game from PS2 and Xbox onto "next-generation platforms from Sony and Microsoft", and intends to release it "probably during 2007" according to current scheduling. The second project is also underway at the developer's Swedish studio - and actually began life as far back as September 2003.

DICE also revealed that "versions of the games targeted for next-generation consoles will share technical platform with one another," and that, while Electronic Arts will publish both, "game concepts for both titles are developed and owned by Digital Illusions".

DICE continues to make no mention of Nintendo in connection with its products. Battlefield: Modern Combat, the planned console incarnation of its most successful game series, is due out on PS2 and Xbox in autumn 2005, but not GameCube, while there's no suggestion of any interest in Revolution - the accepted codename for Nintendo's next-generation format.

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