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SingStar Legends team up

For Christmas sing-song.

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With SingStar Anthems barely out the door, Sony has announced that another compilation pack - SingStar Legends - is on the way in time for Christmas.

Legends, due out on PS2 in "early November", promises "a selection of the biggest household names in musical history" including Elton John, The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, The Jackson 5, John Lennon and Nirvana.

There are no details on any planned tech upgrades to the game, but these SingStar updates, as we all know well by now, generally consist of new songs rather than new features.

Still, there's a healthy mix on the track-list, parts of which have been announced today. The full list will be announced nearer release, presumably, but in the meantime we're told to expect:

  • Elton John - "Rocket Man";
  • The Beach Boys - "Surfin' USA";
  • The Police - "Roxanne";
  • Johnny Cash - "Ring of Fire";
  • The Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back";
  • Tina Turner - "What's Love Got To Do With It?";
  • John Lennon - "Imagine";
  • Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit";
  • Ben E King - "Stand By Me";
  • David Bowie - "Life On Mars?";
  • The Righteous Brothers - "Unchained Melody".

Along with a host of others to make up the traditional 30. And, as usual, the game will be released as a standalone pack and available as a bundle with two SingStar microphones and a USB converter.

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