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Sony's karaoke revolution.

Sony is justifiably proud of SingStar. It's sold over 17 million units. Over 4 million songs have been bought and downloaded. It's also almost universally adored by critics. Everyone at Eurogamer plays SingStar, for example, often to the exclusion of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. SingStar's brilliant, and it's a success. So it's slightly bizarre that the highest score it's ever had on Metacritic, across 26 individual disc releases, is 82, with the majority languishing in the mid-70s, if not lower.

SingStar backwards compatibility arrives

SingStar PS3 to work with PS2 discs Tues.

Three Speech has just reported the news that all Singstar fans wanted to hear: full backwards compatibility for Singstar PS3 arrives tomorrow.

PS2 songs in PS3 SingStar clarified

Won't involve ripping to hard disk.

MTV Multiplayer has clarified that the SingStar disc-swapping feature announced by Sony Europe boss David Reeves last night won't allow you to rip songs to the hard disk.

Singstar Legends

Singstar Legends

Like the time Tom broke a glass with his voice.

Heres a phrase that you probably don't associate with the majority of videogame reviews:

Your mum will probably like this.

No, wait, come back. Your mum probably isn't all that bad, when you think about it. But there's a further problem; your dad will probably like this too.

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SingStar Legends team up

For Christmas sing-song.

With SingStar Anthems barely out the door, Sony has announced that another compilation pack - SingStar Legends - is on the way in time for Christmas.