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Movies expansion underway?

Lionhead says so.

Activision and Lionhead will shortly announce the development of an expansion pack for The Movies, according to a Lionhead forums administrator - and Activision's doing the traditional "can't comment" thing about it.

On Tuesday we reported that Activision had canned the console versions of The Movies following poor sales of the PC version.

However, in a forum discussion focusing on that decision, a Lionhead developer going by "Sam" said, "that does not mean the project is dead".

"Rest assured that the team at Lionhead Studios are as dedicated to The Movies as they've ever been; an expansion pack is currently in development (which will be announced very shortly) and we are continuing to support [the game's online community resource] The Movies Online!" he added.

When asked about that this morning, an Activision UK spokesperson said, "Activision does not comment on matters of rumour or speculation."