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The Movies goes online

Put your films on the net.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Lionhead Studios has announced plans to launch a new website where players of forthcoming PC title The Movies can upload and share films.

Each movie you upload will get its own page where other gamers can post their ratings and comments. The higher you score, the more your reputation will grow, and the more virtual online credits you'll earn - which you can then use to buy new upgrades and extra content.

There will also be plenty of competitions to enter and awards ceremonies to attend, and something called the Prop Shop which you can visit to get access to additional downloads.

As you'll know if you read our recent preview of the game, The Movies puts you in the diamond-soled shoes of a top Hollywood movie mogul. As well as making your own films, you're in charge of designing your own studio, managing resources, dealing with cast and crew and, of course, making sure you pull in the cash at the box office.

The Movies Online isn't up and running yet, but when it is you'll find it on the game's official website.

The Movies is out on PC this autumn, with PS2, Xbox and Gamecube versions to follow.

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