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Product placement in The Movies

Put Chrysler in your flick, win car. Er, if you're a Yank.

It's on odd world, The Movies. Of course there's the idea of resource-managing a film studio while creating films at the same time (some of which we've seen and aren't horrendously awful). But there's also the post-release promotional side, which has already seen virtual stars in the game squawking about John Malkovich's "Uncle Kimino" clothing, and now challenges players to create films featuring product placement for the Chrysler car company. Eh?

Chrysler in The Movies: Virtual Film Competition is set up to run during the 2006 Sundance Film Festival - where attendees will be able to visit the Chrysler Studio to get some tips from "celebrity mentors" and filmmaking symposiums. After much faffing, Activision's told us that you can take part whether you're at Sundance or not, but you can only enter if you're American - bah! Those who do enter just need to make a two- to three-minute film including any of the Chrysler vehicles - the Pacifica, the Crossfire, the Chrysler 300 or the PT Cruiser - which are being exclusively integrated into the game.

Apparently there'll be more information on the film competition website soon, although a website about the film competition would be a good first addition. Anyone submitting will be judged by a celebrity panel and the top ten screened at E3, where the best will win a Chrysler Crossfire. Ooh. Will we see a similar promotion in the UK? Hope so. My Focus is knackered.