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Molyneux praises gamer's movie

It's all about the Paris riots.

Lionhead Studios bigwig Peter Molyneux has praised short film The French Democracy, which was produced using PC Hollywood sim The Movies.

The film, which was made by French designer Alex Chan, offers a commentary on the riots which recently kicked off in Paris and went on to spread throughout France. It's 13 minutes long and can be viewed via the Lionhead website.

"With The Movies we wanted to make a game that allows anyone to easily express themselves by making a short film and posting them online to share with the world," Molyneux said.

"Alex's film, which is absolutely terrific, really demonstrates the potential power and impact that these films can have."

Chan said he's surprised that so many people have picked up on his film, which has been featured by the likes of MTV.com, Business Week and French weekly 20 Minutes.

"I did not expect such a reaction to my little 'home-made' movie, but I have spread some human values that are important to me," Chan said.

"I'm very happy that 'The French Democracy' has moved so many people, even if it is not always in a positive way. I'm very glad and proud that this movie may help people to think a bit more."

Lionhead and publisher Activision are said to be "delighted" with the quality of the films Movies gamers have produced so far, not to mention the sheer volume of them - more than 19,000 films have been uploaded since the game launched on November 8.