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No Doom demo on film DVD

UK misses out, gets documentary.

Those of you thinking about buying the Doom film on DVD might have heard that there's going to be a demo of the Xbox version of Doom III on it. Unfortunately, Activision UK just confirmed that that only applies to the US "Unrated Extended Edition DVD" and not the one you'll be able to buy over here. Dang.

That version will include a four-level demo of the Xbox game (two single-player, two multiplayer) as well as Xbox Live co-op and deathmatch modes to give you a decent taster. That DVD's out in the US now.

Those of us over here will have to wait until April 3rd to get our hands on our version - or its cousin the UMD offering - but if you do wait then you might enjoy the "Doom Nation" documentary, which is an extended piece "exploring the worldwide phenomenon of Doom". If it doesn't have null modem deathmatch stuffs in it we're NOT impressed. That's on the US disc too.

Mind you, if you are considering buying the Doom film DVD, we have to ask, why are you considering buying the Doom film DVD? Much as we like Rosamund Pike, and there are few cheaper ways to watch Karl Urban sleepwalk, you'd surely be better off renting it - if only to confirm that you can't really tell it's Mars, the first-person bit appears to be "fov 60" and some of the scientists are named after id Software people.

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