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PS4 won't have a disc drive

Sony exec thinks so, anyway.

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With just months to go before the launch of the PS3 and the debut of Sony's costly Blu-ray format, worldwide studios president Phil Harrison has hinted that the PlayStation 4 won't feature a disc drive.

In a recent interview with Wired magazine, Harrison speculated that the successor to the PlayStation 3 may be entirely based on digital distribution models for both games and media content.

"We have to change the business model. We have to find a new way to reach the consumer," he stated.

Harrison went on to refer to Kart Rider, a Korean game which is offered for free. Gamers are then charged for upgrades enhancements via digital download - and more than 12 million people are currently playing.

"That will be the business model for the future of games," Harrison declared, before stating: "I'd be amazed if the PS4 had a physical disc drive."

Okay, so he's not exactly confirming anything. But it's still interesting that Sony's keen on online distribution, what with the "future proof" Blu-ray format almost here and all.

Sony declined to offer further clarification of Harrison's comments.

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