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SEGA's Project J

First details close in.

SEGA is gearing up to release details about its new PlayStation 2 game from the producer of Daytona USA, Super Monkey Ball and F-Zero GC.

According to IGN, new details of the ominous Project J, headed by Toshihiro Nagoshi, will be released at a special press conference in Tokyo on August 23rd. Nothing is currently known about the game (well, it is a secret), but the conference is expected to divulge plenty of titbits, including info on the voice casting and a more specific 2005 release date, with Nagoshi putting in an appearance. Probably in a large Sonic-coloured clown costume, screaming "SEGA!" down rude journalists' ears when they inevitably start talking among themselves.

Expect more on Project J by the end of the month, if, you know, the Microsoft PR steamroller of Xbox 360 news hasn't kicked it off the front page.