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Classic Capcom duo for PSP

Breath of Fire III and...

Capcom is set to bring two of its classic PlayStation titles (can we call PlayStation games "classic" now? Too soon?) to the PlayStation Portable later this summer, according to Japanese retailers who have begun listing the games on their release schedules.

The duo in question consists of the first 3D Mega Man title, Mega Man Legends (known as Rockman Dash in Japan), which will be popping into stores on August 4th, and then - arguably more interestingly - rather good RPG Breath of Fire III, which turns up on August 25th.

That's pretty much the height of what we know about the two titles, sadly; we don't have any idea when we'll see them outside Japan, and more importantly, we're not sure whether they're going to be straight ports of the PlayStation originals or if they'll be tarted up in shiny new PSP clobber.

Another thing we don't know - don't you love these news stories which are all about the things we don't know? - is whether Capcom is going to launch the games at full price, or if it plans to take fewer Yen from its customers' grubby paws in recognition of the fact that the titles are getting on a bit.

If we were to be so bold as to make a suggestion, though, it would be this; should certain companies whose PSone back catalogue is really rather good fancy making a quick buck, they could do worse than a nice PSP re-issue at a budget price point of a few of their very best titles. Breath of Fire III is a good start, but we'd probably happily kill a few people for unsullied PSP versions of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Final Fantasy Tactics. Y'hear?

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